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Rob Vincent

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April 6th, 2004

(no subject) [Apr. 6th, 2004|07:16 am]
Rob Vincent
[Mood |weirdweird]

Last night I dreamed I was watching the movie Space Mutiny (a really bad 1980s space movie, that MST3k made one of my favorite episodes out of.) The odd thing about it was, in the dream, it was mutated into a really good movie wherein only the first half involved the big, dopey, musclebound hero Dave Ryder (aka "Big McLargehuge") running around a cheaply-made spaceship.

In the second half, it was revealed that this guy was actually an insane criminal of the present day who was knocked out during some bank job, and was dreaming the whole thing. When he woke from the dream, and still thought he was this buff hero out to save his girlfriend. He went on some totally Quixotic journey to "save his ship" by running around a present-day city and righting wrongs, doing good deeds, and stuff. By the end of the flick everyone loved him even though he was crazy, just like La Mancha.
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