March 25th, 2004


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Last night I dreamed I went into an interesting-looking brick building in the middle of town. This building, made out of bricks stacked in odd patterns, really does exist, but it's a normal office building inside. In the dream, however, it was a dark, dreary used furniture store, staffed by a young woman in pajamas. We made small talk for a while, before she directed me to the second floor, where there was a bed, her two brothers (who were creepy-looking adults with messy beards,) and a TV showing the episode of All In The Family in which Sammy Davis Jr. guest-stars.

So I watched the episode for a while, and was about to go back downstairs when the girl's father arrived home (the lower level now being the inside of her home, no sign of the used furniture shop.) He started yelling at her. I had to hide upstairs with her creepy brothers, because if her father saw me, he would have thought something improper was going on between me and his daughter, and would probably have killed us both.

I also dreamed about hanging around with _thatguy_, but I can't remember any more about that one.
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