February 10th, 2004


Animals and Trains

A few hours ago I woke up, having just dreamed that I was somehow responsible for a few rare animals. There were tiny kittens, puppies, rabbits, and such, all of which had antlers, and were about the size of my fist. Additionally, there was a catuar (a little cactus with arms, legs, and a face, from the Final Fantasy games, photo here.

So, I somehow lost all those little critters I was responsible for, and while wondering what happened to them, I accidentally stepped on the cactuar, squishing it and mutilating my foot in the process. Cactus spines, you know? It was so sad...

I also had a dream somehow involving The Tick (the live-action Patrick Warburton version) but I can't remember more about that. It bugs me when I can't remember my dreams, I'm usually very good at that.

Night before last, I had one of my train dreams. Collapse )