February 8th, 2004



Yes, as much as I've always poked fun at these things, I've finally caved and set up a livejournal. What a sellout I am! I mainly got it for the sake of responding to entries of all my friends who have these things. Also, the things are free now, none of that petty get-a-code-from-someone nonsense.

I already have a blog on my own site which I like much better than this, so I won't be using this as a normal blog. I had the idea to use this as a dream journal, since I've always wanted to start one of those. I may or may not keep up with that. We'll see how it goes.

So, enjoy. I've added the livejournal users linked from my real blog as friends. Sorry if I've missed anyone, comment on this or email me if you want to swap friends list things.

And if you want to visit my own corners of the web....

http://rtf.phonelosers.org - Personal site
http://rtf.phonelosers.org/journal.html - My real blog
http://pod-six.net - My Sealab 2021 fan site

Half the fun of setting this up was putting that icon together.
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First dream post!

One was a theatre dream. I was at some points involved in the technical aspects of this stage show, performing in it, and at some points in the audience writing down stuff in order to review the show or something.

Next dream - I was walking around near my house, and stopped at a busy highway intersection, and this older lady had also stopped at the same intersection. We saw this little grey dog and a white and brown cat running in a panic through the intersection. The dog had just had its tail run over, and was whimpering. I got out into the highway and held up traffic, while the lady tried to herd the animals somewhere safe, They ran into a side street.

When I caught up with them, the cat was gone, and the dog was now brown and white (resembling the dog in The Mask, but with two heads.) I approached the dog, which was now happy and friendly, and pet it while looking for collars. I found several, only one of which had a phone number, which I gave to the lady so she could call the owners and let them know that we found their dog. Another had a sort of compartment that was full of cash - reward money for finding the dog.

I started counting the money, which seemed to be a really large amount. It was made up of lots of $100 bills... and $55 bills.. and $35 bills. Then some unknown foreign bills, although in the dream I knew what they were. Then, some black bills that said in white block letters, "Nazi currency" (in English.)

That's when I started wondering about this dog, but it was gone.

End of dream.